Here are the types of headaches that people usually face:

1. Tension Headaches: These are a common type of headaches and typically occur after a stressful event. They can last from a few minutes to a few days and can be caused by muscle contractions or spasms in the neck, scalp, jaw, or facial muscles. The pain is usually felt on both sides of the head and can worsen with head movements. Tension headaches are also typically associated with neck/shoulder tightness and clenching of teeth due to stress.

2. Migraine Headaches: These are moderate to severe headaches that have been reported as being intensely painful or throbbing in quality with moderate-to-severe pain intensity This type of headache is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light

Headaches (κεφαλαλγίες in Greek) are one of the most common types of pain among adults. A headache may be the result of too much stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, or a number of other causes. There are many different types for headaches, some related to specific health conditions and others more related to lifestyle habits.

Headaches can be caused by a number of different problems. Some of the most common causes are tension in the muscles, stress, eyestrain, sinus problems, and toothache. Headaches can also result from an infection in the brain or other nervous system.

Headaches are often treated with aspirin or acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol). Sometimes a person is advised to take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen (e.g., Advil). In severe cases where medication does not help, a person may need to see a specialist for evaluation and treatment.

The most common type of headache is called Tension Headache (Tension Type). Other types of headaches include: cluster, migraine and muscle contraction (cranial) headache.

Headaches can be caused by any number of factors such as stress, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity and diet choices.

The human head cannot be seen without opening the skin. Headaches are caused by various factors like stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, or sinusitis. These factors can cause headaches because they impact the blood flow to the brain.

There are many causes for headaches and one must find what is causing their headache before they can find a treatment for it.

I know how to sail. Why do I need a skipper?


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I know how to sail. Why do I need a skipper?

Chartering a boat with a skipper has numerous benefits:

You’ve got more choice

Since you’ve got the choice, you’re free to decide whether to captain the boat yourself with the skipper next to you for information and assistance, or to relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family, while letting the skipper handle everything else, releasing you of all worries and responsibilities.

He ensures you want for nothing on your holidays

On such a large vessel with so many electrical and mechanical parts, the skipper is the person who knows how to handle any adverse situations that might arise at sea, and who in most cases can immediately fix anything that’s broken so that you want for nothing on your holidays.

He ensures that you feel safe 

The skipper knows the best anchoring spots, local conditions and depths in the area, freeing you from the stress of sudden emergencies such as the anchor coming lose at night.

Moreover, if everyone wants to enjoy a trip to the beach but the anchorage isn’t safe, the skipper will stay on board allowing you to enjoy the local sights without a care in the world.

You’re saving money

You’ll save money since you won’t have to pay the € 3,500 guarantee payable in the case where you charter a boat like this without a skipper.

Where a boat is constantly used only by a professional or under the supervision of a professional, the boat and its equipment can be kept in excellent condition, releasing you in the case of damage.

And of course, he’ll make your trip more interesting!

The skipper will suggest places that may have slipped your attention, places that are less well known but that you’re bound to want to learn about and enjoy. It would definitely be a pity to miss out on them! If you are interested into crewed motor yacht charter greece then do consider yachting in greece . They do provide excellent services.


Article source: http://www.sail42.gr/

Ano Mera – Mykonos


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Ano Mera is a small settlement, which should be consulted once by each tourist. Even if it is just 10 km from located by Chora , appears this settlement like from another world. The party life of the capital is here considered to be disconcerting. Instead these 800 inhabitants – settlement with an atmosphere that delights the especially radiates serenity. Alone, the marketplace offers a pleasant rest, which you will discover in this form not a second time on the island. Cars will not run here. There are various taverns which offered various delicacies at a fair price. Disturb you which so at high prices by the way restaurants, one is in good hands in Ano Mera . Daphneenjoys an excellent reputation here. This is a location that can inspire especially with fish dishes. The Vangelis would instead take a delicious meat dish, can be recommended. This Tavern has committed several decades to the task, to delight your guests with suckling pig and lamb. To ensure a certain diversity, the chef presents a recommendation of the day. It is always a delicious treat that pleases the palate of all the tourists.
But these culinary delights may be so excellent: it should never committed the error, to enjoy dinner only. Ano Mera – Kultur Also in the area of attractions namely quite inspire Ano Mera . First of all the two monastery should be sought on his seeing has no doubt something special. After the first monastery needs not long to be sought. The Panagia Tourlianiis located directly at the village square. A beautiful sight is available not only from the outside. Namely you enters the inside of this building, you will find fascinating wood-carved iconostasis.
After this monastery was extensively visited, a visit to the monastery of Paleokastro can be recommended. This is a bit remote, but also boasts a unique Idyll.

After a pleasant meal and visit the two monastery, the tourist at least will understand why Ano Mera is known as one of the most beautiful spots of Mykonos.

Toothpaste: when should we begin using it and how much should we use?


The sooner the better! Starting at birth, clean your child’s gums with a soft infant toothbrush or cloth and water. As soon as the teeth begin to appear, start brushing twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste and a soft, age-appropriate sized toothbrush. Use a “smear” of toothpaste to brush the teeth of a child less than 2 years of age. For the 2-5 year old, dispense a “pea-size” amount of toothpaste and perform or assist your child’s toothbrushing. Remember that young children do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively. Children should spit out and not swallow excess toothpaste after brushing.

How often does my child need to see the pediatric dentist?

A check-up every six months is recommended in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, your pediatric dentist can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.

Funeral eulogy poems

One does not leave a funeral in the same way that he has come. He cannot help but have death on his mind. He cannot help but be aware that such is the end of all life. He may look at himself and have a new awareness that his body will not last forever. These thoughts are ones that humans must face and find a way to deal with. Some believe that the death is only the beginning of the next great mystery and the soul is eternal. Others take a practical view that death is all there is. One leaves a funeral with thoughts of life and its fragility on his mind.

Elite security posse fostered founders of WhatsApp, Napster

Seth McGann (L-R), Andrew Reiter, Dug Song, and Jan Koum are pictured at the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in this 1999 handout photo. WhatsApp co-founder Koum recently attended a reunion of his old security group, w00w00 in San Francisco, California February 26, 2014. REUTERS-Ejovi Nuwere-Handout via Reuters
A few days after selling WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion, Jan Koum stepped into a suite at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate with old friends, including CEOs, reformed hackers and a few people who fell into both those camps.

Conducted over snacks and beer, the late-night festivity was a spontaneous reunion of a security super-group that had come to Koum’s aid in 2000 as he grappled with a denial-of-service attack that knocked Yahoo offline when Koum was responsible for security there.

The now defunct collective known as w00w00 (pronounced whoo whoo) had thrived on Internet Relay Chat channels in the late 1990s and early 2000s, between get-togethers at hacking conventions such as Def Con in Las Vegas, where a member said Koum “came across like a big, friendly kid.”

Although the elite group was not well known outside hacking circles, its members have spawned more than a dozen companies, mainly in security. The two most famous exceptions are WhatsApp, the messaging service that Koum co-founded, and Napster, the pioneering file-sharing company that was shut down by the music industry in 2001.

The key to w00w00’s success, according to interviews with a dozen members, was that it brought together people with widely varying expertise and backgrounds in a meritocratic way that would be tough to replicate in today’s more complex and competitive world of security.

Koum was already a senior Yahoo Inc executive in his early 20s when he joined w00w00. Napster Co-founder Shawn Fanning was one of several members still in high school. Both came from poor backgrounds and benefited from the group’s welcoming culture, which prized collaboration in the era before computer security became a big business, let alone a major factor in national defense and offense.

“Communication was democratized, and curiosity was rewarded,” Koum told Reuters last week. “I had so much fun in early days learning about networking, security, scalability and other geeky stuff.”

The w00w00 party at the St. Regis on February 26 came during the peak of the week-long RSA Conference across the street, the largest gathering of tech security professionals in the world. Some w00w00 veterans were attending the show to hawk software or services from their companies, while others were taking pains to avoid the marketing hype powered by a flood of new investment.

At the reunion, most of the crew ignored the cheese and dried fruit to catch up on old times and toast the man they regard as the first real w00w00 billionaire. The Ukraine-born Koum, who wore a gray T-shirt and black sweatshirt over his large frame, made $6.8 billion from the sale of WhatsApp to Facebook Inc, according to Forbes.

(Napster co-founder Sean Parker is also a billionaire, having gotten rich through owning early stock in Facebook, but he was too business-minded to spend much time in w00ww00.)

The gathering was also an occasion to reflect on why the security issues that the w00w00ers worked on 15 years ago were such excellent preparation for broader technology innovation, and why that might be less true now.

“You don’t get cats and mice playing well together anymore, because the stakes have gotten so high and the net has become politicized,” said Dug Song, who was a core w00w00 member. “W00w00 was the Switzerland of computer security.”


In the 1990s, deep tech knowledge was needed to make things work. Now that infrastructure has been built out and cloud-computing resources can be rented cheaply from the likes of Amazon.com Inc, much more is taken for granted.

“Young kids have less interest in security these days,” said Ejovi Nuwere, an orphan from Brooklyn who joined w00w00 before he signed on as a security engineer at Lehman Brothers and then went on to found multiple companies. “There’s a lot more interest in starting the next Facebook than in reverse-engineering software.”

Founded by Utah teenager Matt Conover, who chose the silly, exclamation-like name, w00w00 claimed about 30 core contributors at its peak, each of them invited by an existing member.

Several participants had wandered to the wrong side of the law in the past. At 15, Nuwere hacked into his local Internet service provider. When he called the company and explained how he did it, he was hired at minimum wage.

Another w00w00er, Anthony Zboralski, received a suspended sentence in 1997 for posing as a Paris FBI official and using the agency’s network services – provided by AT&T – for free for four months.

The sentence was later expunged, and Zboralski went on to handle major security projects for the Indonesian government and others.

Nuwere said the group adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, though anyone who was obviously hacking for malicious reasons was shunned.

Most members of w00w00 were conducting research on their own, at small companies or ensconced in big ones like Koum.

“We had some really rich and interesting discussions about security topics,” Conover recalled. “If someone had a good tool they wrote, they’d likely share it.”

One of those tools was the Nmap Security Scanner, created by w00w00 member Gordon Lyon. Used by defenders and attackers alike, the program scans networks for open ports, available services and deployed software. Another tool was the member-developed password cracker, John the Ripper.

W00w00 members regularly spoke at the top security conventions. One of them, Jeff Forristal, under the handle “Rain Forest Puppy,” published guidelines for responsibly disclosing flaws to software vendors before the general public.

Fanning used the w00w00 crowd as beta-testers for Napster. Another w00w00 contributor, Jordan Ritter, ended up heading the development of Napster’s server software before he started anti-spam service Cloudmark and other companies.

Koum was already working long hours to build up Yahoo’s infrastructure and automate its defenses. His big test came when a Canadian teenager launched massive denial-of-service attacks on Yahoo and others, briefly rendering most of them unreachable. Known as MafiaBoy, the teen said after his arrest that he had directed hundreds of compromised university computer networks to connect to Yahoo simultaneously, overwhelming its resources.

Having never met most of the w00w00 members in person, Koum nevertheless turned to them for help in a way that would be unthinkable for a top security executive today. One of those brainstorming with him was Song, who later became the founding architect of a major denial-of-service mitigation firm, Arbor Networks Inc.


As most of the w00w00 membership took serious jobs, often at each other’s companies, the security industry as a whole was splintering.

Conover and others ended up at big companies such as Symantec Corp. Some old-school hackers picked fights with several w00w00 members, arguing that information about security flaws should not be published.

Increasingly during the last decade, geopolitics entered into the picture. Spy agencies and military commanders realized the immense value of specialized software for breaking into and potentially disrupting enemy networks. Some hackers who were caught breaking the law said they were offered a choice between jail and government service.

The apolitical Conover said he did not like it when U.S. authorities questioned him about his associations after he returned from a conference in China.

Another w00w00 mainstay, Ralph Logan, became a consultant with both corporate and U.S. government security contracts, doling out work as a “hostel for homeless hackers.”

Others sold research on how to exploit various software to brokers, who sold it to military contractors. This way of earning a living bothered some w00w00ers on a philosophical level because the information was not shared widely to help shore up cyber defenses.

“The people who understand vulnerabilities and how to exploit them are being co-opted into building offensive tools for national interests,” Nuwere said. “These are issues that hackers have faced in other countries for a long time.”

Koum is among many w00w00ers who have left the security business. Logan has a big-data startup, Kiku Software. Conover’s latest project is a virtualization company called CloudVolumes. Ritter hired Nuwere for a non-security stealth startup called Ivy Softworks.

Though security was once a major breeding ground for important new companies, such departures suggest this might not be the case for long.

“The barriers for entry to learning about hacking in the old sense are such that it doesn’t allow for as much free expression and open research,” Logan said. “It’s an unfortunate sign of maturity in the industry.”

Kefalonia – Cephalonia


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Facts about Kefalonia – Cephalonia

Capital: Argostoli Inhabitants: 45.000 Airport: Kefalonia International Airport Local transport: Local bus, taxi, car hire, moped and motorcycle hire

Getting there

The largest port on the island is Sami linking the island to Patras, Ithaca, Corfu, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi in Italy. The second largest port of the island is Poros and connects the island to Killini.

From Argostolis port you can travel to Poros, Lixouri and Killini daily. It is also possible to get to Zakynthos with Hydrofoil from Argostolis port.

Where to stay

The biggest tourist resort on the island is called Lassi, another popular place is Skala, but if you want to rub shoulders with celebrities you shall choose the trendy Fiskardo.


The historical and folklore museum in Argostoli will give you an insight to the island life. The gift shop offers some great souvenirs to take home as a memory.

Enjoy a day trip up to the mountains.

Melanissi Lake, a fascinating underground lake, the magical interplay of light and water inside the cave are simply magic. No trip to Greece is complete without a visit to the lake. The best time to visit the cave is at midday when the sun will be at its zenith, so that the entire cave is filled with a strange blue light. According to the myth, the cave was named after a nymph named Melissanthi who committed suicide because her love was not answered. The water in the lake is a mixture of freshwater and seawater, you will find the cave close to Karavomilos village.

Best beaches

Myrtos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The intense colours, the pebbles and its crystal clear waters, make its visitors wanting to return. Antisamos beach, also known as Captain Corelli’s beach. Kamini Beach, this is the beach where the sea turtles lay their eggs.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos


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Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury 5 stars hotel near Chora, the main town of Mykonos Island in Greece, built into an impressive natural cliffside. With its luxurious barefoot chic aesthetic, its distinctive architecture, versatile services, and respect for traditional elements, Cavo Tagoo unfolds as an unparalleled experience to its guests.

Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos island of Greece strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can color their island dreams.

The outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that customers enjoy are elements that achieve perfection for a relaxing stay in Mykonos.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos | Check prices

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Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos Photos

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Mykonos party


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Mykonos is the center of PubClub destinations, a place where the afternoon scene exceeds the nightlife at many other destinations, where nights roll effortlessly into daybreak and where meeting people is as easy as seeing them.
It’s nightlife is so active and the people so friendly, it’s impossible not to become intoxicated from its lively atmosphere and, oh yes, the endless amounts of alcohol.
Beach-lovers and super-budget travelers should consider Paradise Beach. It’s sparse but livable, right on the sand (8 Euros a day in summer). It’s a bit inconvenient for the in-town revelry but buses run until 4:30 a.m. (1 Euro). The bars at the beach also are holding more night parties to not only keep the backpackers at the beach but also to pull people from town. Clearly-marked vans provide transport from the ferry and airport.
Finding social activities on Mykonos is as easy as going to the beach. In fact, that’s the place to start. The revelry starts late afternoon and goes until you decided to call it quits. It’s not quite morning, noon and night, but more like afternoon, night and morning.


Paradise Beach is both a quiet, sleepy patch of sand and water and a seaside fraternity party. It has a pair of restaurants (go to the cafeteria because the fruit is refreshing, the Greek salad is fresh from a garden and the chicken soulvaki is very tasty), grainy sand, a few small thatched trees providing shade and topless bathers stretched out on rented lawn chairs (2.5 Euros).
About once a month in the summer, Paradise Beach hosts a Full Moon Party at night. Blow off all other forms of nightlife for this beachside bash. The other almost-nightly beach parties make a nice change of pace from the town; it’s basically the same beach party under the stars. Look for flyers around town for information.
Late at night at Mykonos
Mykonos – and all of Greece – is thankfully incredibly safe and free of crime. However, Mykonos can present challenges to small groups of girls in the wee hours.


One of the fun things about Mykonos is the never-ending party where all of a sudden it’s 5, 6 or even 8 in the morning. But this can also pose problems for inebriated girls walking through town. On weekends, Greek males come in from Athens and other places and pray upon what they perceive are easy pick-up targets. And the drunker, the easier, they believe. They are as persistent as flies at a picnic and try and take girls to “private parties” or a late club. In Hawaii, these people are known as “mokes,”which means the punks on the outer islands. So ladies, use your common sense, keep some wits about you and be forceful. Eventually, they will give up the chase, like a lion giving up on a gazelle.

Article source: Mykonos nightlife


Santorini Oia


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Oia is considered to be the artistic capital of the island and probably the most picturesque, postcard perfect village on Santorini, inviting you with its narrow, cobbled streets, with jewel-like shops on both sides selling all kind of beautiful things, a treat for your eyes.

It perches on the top of the cliff; the village looks both inward on to the caldera and northward onto the Aegean Sea. It seems to be a smaller quieter version of Fira, and is a very trendy place. It is packed every day, by thousands of tourists who arrive every single day during the season for the “out of this world” views of the caldera.

Oia seems to be a living picture of a natural beauty and it is worth to see at least once in your life. A view of Oia is showing the density of churches within the town. The houses are built one on top of the other, the courtyard of the house above being the roof of the house below.

The village has a small port, Ammoudi, with fishing boats, waterfront taverns and restaurants, and a path that leads you around the base of the mountain to a diving area. This was once the main port for Santorini, until the entire town was razed by the earthquake in 1956. Ammoudi port can be reached by car or by catching a ride on the back of a mule or by a set of cca. 300 steps leading down.

Though if you have to choose between two different way, either car or boat , I should recommend the last one, instead of the first, because the cliff road to Oia is dangerous, for someone who is not used to drive in narrow streets with many turns and a lot of traffic, almost all day in full season.